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Retaining Wall Design

We design many types of retaining walls including:

  • Concrete Masonry Units
  • Boulders
  • Stone
  • Timber

Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers is a Civil Engineering firm with a focus on retaining wall design and consultation. From small homeowner projects to large commercial developments, we strive to provide quality, cost-efficient, quick turn-around retaining wall designs, grading plans and structural engineering evaluations.

You need to call us if you are a Landscape Contractor, Materials Supplier, or homeowner working on a retaining wall project. If you have structural engineering questions for your house, we can also help with that.

We have worked in, and are licensed to provide, Professional Civil Engineering Services in these states:
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

Our staff has designed and evaluated thousands of projects and hundreds of thousands of square feet of retaining walls. Since 2011, we have quickly become a VALUED, LOCAL RESOURCE for retaining wall engineering and structural engineering services. We provide quality service across the Upper Midwest.

Contact us today with your questions or to request more information.
Construction review is a critical part of segmental retaining wall construction. It protects all members of the project team (i.e., the owner, design engineer, contractor) from incorrect wall construction.

Poor wall construction is the primary reason retaining walls fail. Utilizing the construction review services from us can help.


Our Services:

  • Retaining wall shop drawings
  • Preliminary wall quantity calculations
  • Typical retaining wall cross-sections
  • Project specific designs & details
  • General information/answers regarding retaining walls
  • Value engineering
  • Site design services
  • Forensic services
  • Expert witness services
  • Site Visits and Construction Review Service

The following wall elements should be verified by the retaining wall engineer prior to and during wall construction:

  • Foundation Materials and Preparation
  • Drainage Aggregate
  • Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks/Wall Facing
  • Wall Backfill
  • Drainage Aggregate
  • Geogrid Reinforcement
  • Geotextile and Drainage Pipe

We can provide design assistance for site development and grading projects for both Commercial and Residential (including homeowners). Contact us today for your retaining wall or site design needs.

Products we work with:

We serve materials suppliers, contractors, landscape designers, civil engineers, architects, DOT's, cities, counties, realtors, and homeowners.
  • Versa-Lok Systems
  • Rockwood
  • Allan Block
  • Old Castle
  • Anchor Block
  • StoneWall
  • Keystone
  • County Materials
  • Marshall Concrete
  • Envirolok
  • ...and others

A note to developers, home builders, wall builders and homeowners: Soil is a complicated, unique construction material that changes with different site conditions. An experienced, licensed Professional Engineer should be an important element of your professional design team. Call us with questions regarding this important topic.

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