Structural Design Services

Structural Modification Evaluation

Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers has provided hundreds of structural modification feasibility evaluations. We meet you on site; listen to your ideas or speak with your contractor; and then help determine whether your project is feasible from a structural point of view. Typical structural design services include modifications such as: wall removal, basement support post relocation, increased span of window or door opening, etc.

An initial evaluation will usually lead to one of the following results:

  • The structure in question (e.g. wall, post, etc.) is NOT load bearing and may be removed.
  • The structure IS load bearing and cannot be modified.
  • The structure IS load bearing but can be removed/modified with the installation of additional structural elements such as an engineer designed beam and post system, which we can then design for you.

Other Structural Design Services

We also work with contractors and home owners on small design projects. We are often called in when the city needs engineer approval of a project or design.  

Our Services:

  • Truss repair design
  • Window and door header design
  • Foundation wall repair design
  • Beam and post design
  • Retaining wall design – link to page