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Enhanced Reserve Study

In our Full Reserve Study, we determine which components comprise the common elements and the limited common elements of the Association (based on the documents provided to us) and which of these should be included in the Component Inventory. This selection is generally based upon those components that will require significant repair or replacement in the coming 20 - 30 year period. We then perform visual field inspections to determine the estimated remaining useful life of each component based upon its overall condition. In our Enhanced Reserve Study, our field inspection includes a more in-depth analysis of each of the Reserve Components. The Enhanced Reserve Study provides recommendations for ongoing maintenance of all systems as well as a condition evaluation of each. We may also consider options for improvements, enhancements, or compliance with newly enacted regulation.

The Enhanced Reserve Study comes with a complete Property Condition Report. Each building or property system is carefully evaluated and reported on in a separate section of our report. This includes, as appropriate, site and grounds, amenities, structural systems, roof and siding, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, common interiors, and life safety, among others.

The benefits of an Enhanced Reserve Study include:

  • Peace of mind knowing the actual condition of all building systems.

  • A document to manage the physical property by.

  • Ongoing local support from our professional engineers.

  • Iterative funding options analysis.


No other national firm offers you these benefits.


To see a sample enhanced reserve study, please click here.