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Construction Management and Monitoring

Construction Monitoring In the Beginning...

Even before ground is broken, Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers works with developers and contractors to review plans and monitor the construction of your invesment property or commercial building. During our plan review, we study the documents to:

Assess their relative completeness
Look for construction details that may cause problems later on
Identify significant deviations from the standard details and procedures
Evaluate general compliance with codes and standards

Our Construction Monitoring program is designed to ensure compliance with project design specifications, regulatory requirements and good construction practices.


Construction Monitoring In the Future...

Mature properties need regular upkeep and maintenance. Periodic inspections of this work are important to ensure that requirements are met and that specifications are followed. You might consider Contruction Monitoring when you are:

Making repairs
Adding a new pool
Improving access for the disabled
Adding an architectural enhancement
Making other general improvements

Once a contractor has been selected, we will serve as your liason to monitor construction and repairs throughout the entire process.